UNITY - Byron & Gerald,

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UNITY- Byron & Gerald

This is a long lost & highly sought-after private press free jazz album recorded in 1969 at howard university. Encouraged by his friend Joe Mcphee (who contributed an 'invocation' to the back cover), Byron Morris made UNITY the very first release on his own EPI label (EPI-01, 1972). it is the only hardcore free jazz record out of 1960s DC, & a viscerally powerful musical & cultural dispatch on the aesthetic & sociopolitical upheavals of its time. eremite's edition exactly reproduces the original EPI release & adds new liner notes by Byron Morris.

Unity, A Retrospective,
by Byron Morris and Unity

Byron Morris and Unity Unity, A Retrospective

This is a new CD of joyous music from studio and live dates that cover a wide spectrum of music from Unity’s repertoire, during their middle period; late 1970s – early 1980’s. Please click HERE for samples and track listings.

"The music on Unity,a Retrospective is full of adventure, blues, funk and groove,great playing and most of all,the spirit of love and UNITY. Byron Morris has put together a recording that is full of emotion,swing and a sense of adventure."
Kenny Barron

"Unity, A Retrospective by Byron Morris and Unity is a welcome gift from a long time friend. I've had the pleasure of performing and recording with Mr. Morris on a number of occasions at about the same time as the music presented here and this is the closest thing to a time machine I've ever experienced. Back to the future for real! UNITY is an exciting ensemble and this retrospective captures the flavor of the moment back in the day."
Joe McPhee

Exceptional Acoustic Jazz

Four decades ago, Byron Morris and Unity began capturing the hearts and luring the souls of music lovers worldwide with their classic sound and dazzling talent.

Even as the band has evolved and their music has grown, Unity's sound remains exceptionally sophisticated, harkening back to the days of the acoustic, instrumental styles of the mid-20th century.

It's that style and unquestioned talent that wins fans from faraway Tokyo to bustling London to the rhythmic streets of Germany all the back home to the neighborhoods and haunts of our Nation's Capital.

DISCOVER the sounds of Byron Morris and Unity for yourself, or
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Link to two extensive interviews of Byron Morris on Seymour Nurse's Bottom End Web Site

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Remembering Vincent Walter McEwan

founding member of the Band Unity
Musician; trumpet, flugelhorn, composer, and arranger
Born in New York City: March 1, 1939
Died: September 1, 2009


In Memory of Hilton Ruiz

Piano virtuoso, friend and member of Unity
May 29, 1952 – June 6, 2006